Our 2015 Annual Meeting was

12:00-1:00 Saturday December 5th


Previous ad: With another season of climbing behind us, it's time to set the foundation for another year of conservation and management tasks for the Clifton Climbers Alliance. In short, that means renewing memberships (or joining for the first time) and voting at our annual elections for Board of Directors. This year we'll meet Saturday, December 5th at Maine Bound, downstairs from Boulder Bash during the lunch hour of 12-1. The brief agenda includes an activity update, nominations for Board positions, elections, and a group discussion on plans for 2016. If you can't be present to have your voice heard, we welcome emails to info@cliftonclimbersalliance.org with your ideas and suggestions!

The following is a helpful list of info pertaining to this year's election:
- Only current members attending the annual meeting are allowed to vote (dues received for a 2015 or 2016 membership). If in doubt of your membership status, just email Travis: treasurer@cliftonclimbersalliance.org.
- Renew or join by following the links at the top of this page or in person at Boulder Bash before the meeting - cash, checks, and credit cards accepted!
- Only 2016 memberships get the new dark-blue t-shirts. A small number of "Founding Member" gray shirts will be available for sale at our information table.
- Hey, you could be crushing it upstairs at Boulder Bash. Snacks will be available during the meeting!
- Nominations and memos of interest for Board positions should be emailed to info@cliftonclimbersalliance.org, but last-minute nominations will be accepted in person before voting. The five directorships are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Conservation Officer
- Three Board members are looking for second terms: Brad Wilson (currently Conservation Officer) is running for President, Travis Hussey (currently Treasurer) for re-election, and John Crocker (currently Vice President) for Conservation Officer. Open positions not being sought by current board members are Vice President and Secretary. Nominations are welcome for ALL positions.
- Our newest Family member, Robert Emery, has offered a $25 gift certificate to Clewley Farm Restaurant in Eddington as a door prize: fill out a ticket to win!

Thank-you all for being an active part of the central Maine climbing community - we look forward to seeing you at elections!

--CCA Board of Directors

About Us

A group of Maine climbers met in October of 2013 in response to the unfortunate and untimely passing of Don Nelligan. Don, a well-known rock climber, was the proud owner and protector of Eagle Bluff, the crown jewel of Maine climbing destinations, for almost 20 years. Don's tragic death was sorrowful for many of Maine's climbing legends, who spent much of the 1980's and 1990's establishing and developing the Crags of Clifton, Acadia, and Katahdin. It also put the future of Eagle's Bluff in jeopardy. Thus, the Clifton Climbers Alliance formed with the objective of preserving and protecting Eagle Bluff; ensuring open rock climbing and recreational access into the future.

Given a nine-month window, the CCA partnered with the Access Fund and was put to task with raising $150,000.00 to purchase Eagle Bluff. Thanks to many generous donations, the Quimby Family Foundation, the Land for Maine's Future, and The Davis Conservation Foundation, the CCA was successful in its objective. On August 26, 2014 the Clifton Climbers Alliance closed on the sale and became owners, stewards and caretakers of Eagle Bluff.

Today, the Clifton Climbers Alliance is focused on maintaining Eagle's as Maine's premier climbing destination. However, as an organization, the CCA recognizes how important it is that none of our climbing resources come under this type of threat again. So, the CCA looks for opportunities to improve landowner relations, protect access and secure succession plans for other crags throughout Central Maine.

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