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--CCA Board of Directors

About Us

A group of Maine climbers met in October of 2013 in response to the unfortunate and untimely passing of Don Nelligan. Don, a well-known rock climber, was the proud owner and protector of Eagle Bluff, the crown jewel of Maine climbing destinations, for almost 20 years. Don's tragic death was sorrowful for many of Maine's climbing legends, who spent much of the 1980's and 1990's establishing and developing the Crags of Clifton, Acadia, and Katahdin. It also put the future of Eagle's Bluff in jeopardy. Thus, the Clifton Climbers Alliance formed with the objective of preserving and protecting Eagle Bluff; ensuring open rock climbing and recreational access into the future.

Given a nine-month window, the CCA partnered with the Access Fund and was put to task with raising $150,000.00 to purchase Eagle Bluff. Thanks to many generous donations, the Quimby Family Foundation, the Land for Maine's Future, and The Davis Conservation Foundation, the CCA was successful in its objective. On August 26, 2014 the Clifton Climbers Alliance closed on the sale and became owners, stewards and caretakers of Eagle Bluff.

Today, the Clifton Climbers Alliance is focused on maintaining Eagle's as Maine's premier climbing destination. However, as an organization, the CCA recognizes how important it is that none of our climbing resources come under this type of threat again. So, the CCA looks for opportunities to improve landowner relations, protect access and secure succession plans for other crags throughout Central Maine.

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